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  • FarmaBios activities are regularly proceeding…

    During this critical and challenging period, Farmabios SpA states that our activities are regularly proceeding. We are conscious of the role and duty in delivering APIs, and our active part in the health system.

    We are doing our utmost to preserve our partners’ service continuously through our the work of our head quarter and manufacturing side, to maintain the strong support during also this particularly circumstance of health case that is spreading worldwide.

    Farmabios SpA, is following all the official recommendation and fully comply with the regulation issued by Italian Ministry of Health including the rules of the Prime Ministerial Decree 20200308 issued on March the 8th, 2020 by the Italian Government.

    Farmabios SpA would like to thank all the employees and partners for the commitment and strong support, which are the milestones to maintain the activities on regular basis. More than ever, the part of everyone is essential to keep supporting our regular tasks and the health of the human being!

    Mario Di Giacomo – FarmaBios

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